Project HoonSlag

BMW E36 325i Track Tool

Posted by Mr Credit

Stage One: Buy a cheap BMW E36 325i for £350 and then start to strip it apart!

Stage Two: Take more stuff off and swap the heavy glass windows for plexiglass.

Stage Three: Continue with more strippage, glass replaceage then slap some cheap eBay rims on and realise that the car really needs lowering!

Stage Four: Jack up a fat bloke, replace some worn bushes with eBay poly specials, fit some Halfords grille, drop the rear end and tune the engine with a K&N and some expensive ducting!

Stage Five: Cobble some seat subframes together, fit the front coilovers, patch up the sunroof hole, bodge some bonnet pins, slam the motor and admire your work.

Stage Six: Mess around with more wiring, cover up the bigass hole where the heater unit used to be, fit the re-built calipers and sit in the seat and pretend to be a driving god.

Stage Seven: Attempt to paint the car in the pissing rain, so move it into the garage. Oh dear.........

Stage Eight: Paint the car when it's dry and use that expensive brush on stuff.

Stage Nine: Finished fitting the harnesses (so we don't die!!), admire the superb paint finish and then take it for a spin round the block! Oh and get Ronin to mock up some graffs

Stage Ten: Fit some real graffs and some ventilation so we won't roast to death inside. I do believe HoonSlag is ready for her first outing.

The First Trackday: HoonSlags first outing on track was a Circuit Days trackday at Silverstone on the new Southern Circuit layout. It was an awesome day!!!

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