Return to the Ring

18th - 21st April 2008

Posted by Fireblade69

The Fellowship of the Ring

It had to go back. The car had to return to whence its spirit had been born, only there could it find peace and Middle Age could rest safe. A group of friends, joining forces against the evil power of boredom and journeying across countries and lands where strange beasts roamed free, (normally named 'Helga'), and time stood still. Unfortunately for the friends, no one could foretell the doom that was to be Noble born. A series of torturous failures had separated the friends and with the Skylines turning dark, just two remained to complete the task before them.

As dawn broke the friends waved farewell to Sussexshire and the journey began. Time was against the friends, if they were to complete the task before work on Monday they would have to endure vast channels of water, dense forest, miles of harsh land, and all the time being hunted by the strange creatures known as 'Police'. All this was to pass before they could reach the rest stop deep in the enchanted Eiffel forest. A house of tales of danger confronted and spirits tested, (mainly Vodka), where Gods have rested and from which many a broken man had returned. Its name was, 'Sliders, ye olde Guest House'.

The Two Corners

As afternoon encroached, the two friends went in search of adventure. Enlisting the help of some friendly local creatures, they were able to find the legendary Nordschleife, a place of adventure and terror which few had tested and which even fewer had succeeded. A place of power and forces the likes of which the friends had not seen before. An encounter with an enchantress with the fairytale name of Sabineschmitt had one of the friends excited but the other was untouched by the joy and was listening to tales of terror, about corners with names unrecognisable, unpronounceable, unintelligible and undecipherable. This was their chance! A chance to prove themselves worthy of the task ahead, entrance to the enchanted wonderland was arranged and the friends set forth on their trials.

My Precious!

The friends set out on their journey. The first pass was all they had hoped for, an eagle's ride of highs and lows. Swooping through the forest, following the snaking pass at exhilarating speeds that surely had not been seen before. It was a wonder, awe-inspiring, a gift! As the end of the first pass neared, the exhilaration still pumping through their veins, the friends prepared for the second pass. A quick swap and they were off again! Swooping and diving at breathtaking speeds they passed through the enchanted forest.

But, wise words of warning were being uncared for, danger signs were passed with no heed taken until, disaster! The friend had misjudged the pass known as Eiskurve, (the clue is in the bloody name for God's sake!), and had careened off the pass and into the realm where the ADAC existed. The world settled and time passed, the friends were okay but the steed that had taken them on their journey was hurt and suffering. A wood nymph known only as 'Marshall' appeared and assisted them with their steed. A quick check revealed an injury, the likes of which would require a Shaman's attention. It was time to leave the legendary Nordschleife and seek out the shaman.

The Return of the Friends

The shaman diagnosed a broken front which would require recuperation, the friends were devastated. Their dreams in tatters, their task in ruins they returned to the house of tall tales and arranged for a replacement steed to see them on their return journey. They commiserated that evening with a few drinks with their fellow guests of the house, exchanging stories and tales and arranging to visit PAX the next day, all the time vowing their Return to the Ring.

Bridge to Gantry.......................well, almost!!
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