Junehoon '08

The Junehoon 27th June - 29th June The Junehoon

Posted by Mr Credit


A lap of The Nordschleife in the Skyline


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We shall be travelling out on the 18:50 Eurotunnel crossing on the Friday, this will give us plenty of time for the hoon drive to Nurburg. We're booked into the RingHaus for the weekend and this is literally 150m from the entrance.

The circuit opens at 09:15 and closes at 19:30 on both the Saturday and Sunday so there will be plenty of opportunity to get those BTG times down!! >;o)

Sunday we'll probably leave the circuit at about 16:00-17:00 which will leave enough time for the race drive back to Calais to get the 21:20 Eurotunnel crossing.

As we found out last year the actual driving there and back is a real good laugh with all the cars in convoy. Makes for a very entertaining journey!! >;o) We have 8 radios now so everyone should either have a radio and/or satnav in their car so there will be no getting lost. We will also have POI's for Tom Tom available if anyone wants them.

Ronin   Champ Turbo
Digit   BMW 330Ci
eboy1978   E30 Ring Weapon
JammyDodger   Lotus Exige
Mr Credit   Skyline R33 GTS
Fastcarman   VXR8
Fireblade69   VW Golf GTI 1.8T
Sharpey   Godzilla!
pud   Evo7 FQ300



The Ring is, quite simply, the ultimate driving experience. 13 miles and at least 73* bends add up to what even top racing drivers describe as the most demanding circuit in the world. It's impossible to describe just how good it is until you've been there, but if you can imagine your favourite mountain road and your favourite race-track, and combine the best bits of the two, you'll get the general idea. (*There are various different figures quoted, depending on what you count as a bend, but the official number is 73.)

Built in 1925-1927, the Ring was designed as a dual-purpose test track and race circuit. When not being used for these purposes, it was made available for public access, a tradition that - thankfully - continues today.

It used to be the German Grand Prix circuit until Lauda's crash in 1976 ended its GP career.

It is still heavily used as a manufacturers' test track today, and there are a few race events on it also. But on many evenings and a few weekends a year it is made available for public use. Anyone can take their car or bike there and enjoy.

During public sessions, its legal status is that of a one-way public toll-road with no speed limit (except on the approach to the two exits). Vehicles must be 100% road-legal (including tyres), and normal German road traffic law applies.

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