Welcome to hoonage.co.uk

Posted by Mr Credit

Welcome to hoonage.co.uk

The Hoonage Forum is now online, although still under ongoing development.

Guys, could I ask you all to please email me if you find anything that's not quite working on the site. It was recently moved to a new server and some configuration changes resulted in certain functions not working correctly. Everything should be OK now though.

Got a picture of a hooner? Email it in Admin@hoonage.co.uk

Any suggestions then please let me know Admin@hoonage.co.uk


Glory be to The Hoon

26 June 2008

Posted by Elliot

Our Father, who art in Hoonage
Hallowed by thy Hoon
Thy Hoonage come
Hoon will be done
On Schleife, as it is on Autobahn
Give us this day our daily Hoon
And forgive us our slight mishaps on Brunchen
Although we don't forgive those who overtake on the right
Lead us not into Armco
But deliver us from ADAC
For thine is the Hoonage, the Schleifage and the Ringage


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